Assessment in EDUC407

How much of the final course grade do you typically allot to testing? How many tests/exams do you usually require? How can you avoid creating a “high stakes” environment that may inadvertently set students up for failure/cheating?

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EDUC407 is a course with assessments that are exclusively done in projects. Students address an educational concept, (Globalization of Teaching, Presenting Information Powerfully with Images) and the assignment applies the use of a learning technology to submit the response. In the globalization topic, teams of students write a 3rd person article using a Google Doc. The content is driven by the topic; the submission, by the tool. Students are required to use a team folder, the comment stream, and the resolution tool as they peer edit one another’s assignment. The grading rubric balances the value of content and tool as would expected in a Learning Technology for Educator’s course.

What expectations do you have for online assessments? How do these expectations compare to those you have for face-to-face assessments? Are you harboring any biases?

Most of my teaching experience has focused on using project based learning. I have developed a rich relationship with rubrics that continues to evolve.

I am interested in creating short feedback loop resources that give students greater information about how they are progressing before any formal assessment. Authoring tools like Adobe Captivate and iBooks Author are next up on my experimentation list. I am planning to author a tool about the culminating project so that it provides information, rehearsal, and feedback BEFORE the student begins developing the site for the project.

What trade-offs do you see between the affordances of auto-scored online quizzes and project-based assessments? How will you strike the right balance in your blended learning course?

The higher end grading capabilities described in this week’s reading in relation to LMS testing and quizzing can ultimately support a complex testing environment. Having said that, the time and complexity of CREATING the text bank is more time consuming than worthwhile for my assessment.

Projects and balanced rubrics will continue to drive the assessment for the course.

How will you implement formal and informal assessments of learning into your blended learning course? Will these all take place face-to-face, online, or in a combination?

The support for building projects will continue to be balanced between class sessions with direct instruction and on demand videos housed in the LMS. The activities that are built into the meeting sessions are where my current efforts lie. I am developing weekly team activities that focus on application of learning tech skills and conversations around teaching. This is new to my online sessions and I have only taught two semesters using the breakout session model. So far, I really like the purposefulness of the meeting sessions and the reliance the students have on one another. My primary goal is to create a sense of social presence in the course but I am also finding that the learning environment is richer as well.

1 thought on “Assessment in EDUC407

  1. lauraannhackett

    You know with an online class cheating could be more rampant than ever. If you do not see the students physically making the project in a computer class how do you know it is really them? However, if a student cheated in your course well then they would be in trouble on the culminating project because they would need to demonstrate their skills. It would become evident at that point. Since you set up a sketch on the wiki you are essentially committing a student to their own idea. By scaffolding you are again putting a checks and balance in. If a student were to ask another student in the final week the strong student would not be able to do it for them because this said student would have not been part of all of the conversations and the process. The weak student would then have to search deep within themselves to take their plan and their process and pull it off. Thus you have make the culminating project “cheat proofed”.


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